Erica graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2014 with a BFA in ceramics.

Erica has been working with ceramics for 10 years. She is a working artist who creates functional ceramics, sculptural/mixed media installations, and she also dabbles in many printmaking processes. She has been teaching ceramics at throughout the New England area since graduating from MassArt. Erica currently resides in Attleboro Massachusetts with her husband Owen Roberts.



My Process


I work with a red/brown clay body and fire in ^6 oxidation. My work is primarily wheel thrown and hand built. Each piece is decorated with slips + underglazes during greenware and bisqueware stages. I am inspired by nature + florals, and enjoy creating dynamic compositions on the surface of each piece. I create depth and texture in my work by using layers of underglazes + slips as well as translucent glossy glazes.